Live Football Bet Tipping Service

After analysing data and statistics from thousands of live football games for more than 2 years, the team at SBT has developed a set of complex algorithms which dramatically decrease the risk factor thus ensuring a healthy profit consistently for our subscribers.



Our unique software is collecting data from live football matches across the globe as they happen. As soon as any live match triggers one or more of our software's preset criteria, a message will be sent to your smartphone prompting you to place a specific bet. The message will include detailed info such as the specific competition, the team names and the actual tip. It is very straight forward and simple... it can't be simpler really!

Unlike most tipping services, SBT focuses exclusively on live-betting and takes into consideration multiple scenarios which are happening live and which can never be predicted before kick-off. Furthermore, even if a human tipster had to follow the same exact algorithms of SBT, it would be physically impossible for him to monitor the numerous criteria of so many games which are typically running simultaneously.

SBT boasts an unparalleled average win rate of 70% and an average odd of 2 (1/1). These figures, achieved consistently month after month, are well above normal industry figures and will guarantee you a healthy profit!

How it works


Register for your account

Registration is simple, free and it only takes 30 seconds. Click here to join us.


Buy credits

To receive the tips you need to have credits in your account. We have packages starting from €50. 5 credits will be deducted every time we send you a winning tip. Credits for any losing tips are automatically refunded. You pay as you win!


Familiarise yourself with our system

Our system is very easy but to make it even easier for you, we will send you an email with instructions and a brief manual. Apart from that, in the unlikely event that you need any assistance, we're just an email away!


Wait for our messages

On average, our system will send you around 80 tips per month. When you receive a tip, open your favourite bookmaker's website or app and place the bet.

pricing plan

Your account is billed 5 credits (€5) for every winning tip.

Obviously, the most convenient and the best value for money package is the €200 one since you will get 15 extra credits for free.

However, if you are new and you want to try us out first, the €50 package is perfect for you.



  • 50 Credits

Each winning tip costs €5 so this package will get you 10 winning tips.



  • 105 Credits

Each winning tip costs €5 so this package will get you 20 + 1 free winning tips.



  • 215 Credits

Each winning tip costs €5 so this package will get you 40 + 3 free winning tips.


Affiliate marketing is huge in the gaming industry. However, normally affiliates' commissions are calculated on the basis of losses suffered by punters which had been introduced by the affiliates. In other words, affiliates earn more if their referred users lose money.

With SBT, the scenario is exactly the opposite and that's why we love it! When you introduce a friend to SBT, you will earn a 15% commission on all credits your friend purchases... for life. The more money your friends make, the more commissions you earn. The commissions you earn can be used to buy credits for yourself or you can actually get the cash!

SBT is so good that you would be recommending us to your friends anyway... getting paid good money for it makes it just amazing! We estimate that our affiliates will make around €60 in commissions per month per friend referred. If you refer 10 friends, you're looking at over €7000 in commissions in a year.

Login to your Members' Area for referral tools and more information on our affiliate program.


Your earnings will depend on the amount of money you stake on each bet. We will send more than 100 winning tips per month. On our homepage we have a calculator which you can use to see how much you could have earned in the past months had you been a member of SBT. Losing stakes and SBT fees are taken into consideration by the calculator so the result you get is the actual profit you would have made!

You will earn 15% of their credit purchases for ever. The more your friends will win, the more credits they will need and the more commissions you will earn.

You can pay using your credit card or Paypal. When you recommend us to your friends you will earn credits as commission and those credits will go straight in your SBT account. In other words, your referrals can pay your SBT fees. All payments on our site are processed securely by a third party payment gateway and your credit card details are never divulged to us. Furthermore, all this is executed in encrypted and secure SSL environment.

Yes, our tips are sent as an instant message on your smartphone.

We know that it might sound too good to be true so we're currently offering all new subscribers a free package of 25 credits (worth €25) to test our system. You have to keep in mind something though... not all our tips win. If you are lucky and your first 5 tips all winm it doesn't mean you'll always win. Similarly, if you are unlucky and the first tip/s you receive lose, don't be disheartened. An average of 70% of our tips are winners so whatever happens in the trial, hang in there and you'll be guaranteed to start making healthy profit.

Well technically you can of course. We recommend bet365 however, as long as your preferred bookmaker has the specific tipped match listed, you can place the wager with whoever you want.

Everyone is free to stake whatever s/he is comfortable staking. Advice on staking and betting bank will be given in a pdf manual which you will receive by email.

If a tip loses, the credits which would have been deducted for it will be automatically refunded to you. Sometimes it can take up to 2 hours for the refunded credits to show in your account.

You can pause and restart the notifications whenever you want. No credits will be deducted while your account is on pause.

We can easily post reports for download on the website but we believe that that can be easily faked. Anyone can fake a report and publish it to impress like many other sites do. We understand that our solution may appear too good to be true at the first glance. We thought that the most effective way to counter that sentiment would be to give you a free trial to test our system at no risk whatsoever and see it work with your own eyes!